CE I/O Connectors
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1.Material Specification    
 1-1.Shell: Stainless steel (SUS301) T=0.20mm.    
 1-2.Middle Plate: Stainless steel (SUS301).    
 1-3.RFI PAD: Stainless steel (SUS301).     
 1-4.Housing: LCP+30%G.F. UL94-V0 Black.     
 1-5.Terminal: Copper Alloy T=0.10mm.    
2.Plating Specification    
 2-1.Contact: see P/N.    
 2-2.Shell: Nickel Plated.    
3.Mechanical Performance    
 3-1.Insertion force: 5N~20N.    
 3-2.Withdrawal force: 8N~20N (initial). after 1000 mating cycles 6N~20N.
 3-3.Durability: 10,000 cycles.    
4.Electrical Performance    
 4-1.Current Rating: 5A.    
 4-2.LLCR: contact 40mΩ max.(initial).    
 4-3.Insulation resistance: unmated 100MΩ min.       
 4-4.Dielectric withstand voltage: 100V/AC.    
5.IR Reflow:    
 The peak temperature on board shall be maintained for 10 second at 260±5°C.    
6.Operating temperature range: -55°C~105°C (without loss function).    
7.RoHS and Reach compliant.  
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