Prolanv Inc. (PLV-CC Precison)

Prolanv adhere to innovation, integrity, excellence business philosophy, and  insist on openness, collaboration and shared success to one-stop connector solutions.
we integrate high-quality resources in the industry, research and development design and production and sales as a whole, our products are widely used in IE, IoT,
security, automotive, medical, aviation and new energy …… fields, and form a own brand Prolanv, PLV-CC. 
Partner customers include Korea, UK, US, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Australia and many other overseas markets.









    Nov./2013 A fresh start, everything is vibrant, creating a new team of Prolanv;

    Oct./2015 integrate high-quality resources in the industry, research and development design and production and sales as a whole;

    Sept./2016 help the UAV & robot' customer demand, the successful development of Mini high-current (60A Max) power connector;
    Oct./2016 Create own brand  "Prolanv" "PLV-CC" and "诺朗威".

    Jan./2017 Innovative Mini high-current power connector with high-efficiency heat dissipation structure and successfully applied Patent. 

    Nov./2018 meet the needs of European customers, the Mini & re-fixed enhanced high-current (200A Max) connectors have been successfully developed;

    Jan./2019 The mini high current connector (120 A Max),  a new embedded lock plate design, successful patent application;
    May./2019  Cooperate with UAV leading enterprise, blade Power realizes free (signal channel) combination design, apply for Chinese patent, share international patent;

    Oct./2020 The blade-power connector series (currently 390A Max) has been application for a new patent structure, it’s to accurately control product weight and increase lateral force impact more than 40% (>9kgf) , so, it’s to maintain high stability of power connector in harsh working conditions.

    Feb./2021. A revolutionary new EX150 series of blade power connectors that achieve maximum current carrying capacity for similar products in the industry and create a patent family of innovative designs including New-cooling, Water-Proof, splash-proof structure.

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