AW40 | Arm Connector Module
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AW40 arm module Patented product | Patent
专利族 | 快拆 | 浮动抗振 | 防水 | 耐久 | 自锁定
Quick Fit | Anti-Vibration | Water-Proof | Auto-locking
 电压 Voltage rating  250VDC max.
 电流 Current rating  15A/Per Pin
   接触阻抗 Contact resistance  1.2mΩ max. Initial
 耐久 Durability Life  5,000 cycles max.
 水平过载力 Over-loading    15kgf max.  
 颜色识别 FAE Tips    Color control (RD or WH)  
 防水等级 Waterproof grade  IPX5
 工作温度 Working Temps  -40°C~125°C.
 应用领域 Application Field  arm module机臂模组
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